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Campus Planning and Architectural Schematic Design of Eastern Institute of Technology, Ningbo (“EIT”, Tentative) Released
Campus planning and architectural schematic design of Eastern Institute of Technology, Ningbo (“EIT”, Tentative) released.

Eastern Institute of Technology, Ningbo ("EIT", Tentative) is an emerging private non-for-profit research university funded by the Yu Renrong Education Foundation and highly supported by the governments of Zhejiang Province and Ningbo City.

EIT aims to foster top-notch STEM scholar with emphasis on innovative research of core “stranglehold” technologies and teaching in science, engineering, information technology and business management, supplemented by fields of Humanities and Social Sciences. EIT is committed to channeling industrial and application resources to the foundational research, as a means to to level up foundational research that could play a vital role in independent innovative capabilities and core competitive edges of the nation.

College of Science
The College of Science aims high at the most frontier challenges of foundational sciences, particuarlly in mathematics, statistical science, physics, chemistry, life sciences, and other fields of study.
College of Engineering
The College of Engineering is tasked to build a characteristic modern system that serves the society with original innovations.
College of Information Science & Technology
The College of Information Science and Technology will remain relevant to the national strategic planning and the regional urgent calls for the frontier technological breakthroughs.
School of Business
The School of Business aspires to become a high-level research-based business school with international influence, which though small in scale, is strong in synchronizing with modern science and technologies, and strategic opportunities presented by the ever-evolving economic growth of the region and the nation.