Eastern Institute of Technology, Ningbo ("EIT", Tentative) takes scholar as the nucleus, and it has built a founding faculty team with strong political consciousness, exceptional track records in teaching and research, stellar international presence who share the collective goal of establishing a new type of high-level, innovative, international research-based university.

As of today, EIT has officially recruited 46 high-level scholars (PIs), including 6 academicians, 16 fellows of international academic institutions, and 19 national-level scholars; 5 Zhejiang province-level scholars and 1 Ningbo city-level scholar.

EIT will have 300 tenure-track PI, 40-60 teaching faculty members, 500 assistant roles in teaching and research, and 300 post-doctoral research fellows by 2025.


PhD scholars


Scholars with distinction


Academy members


Fellows of international academic societies

Faculty With Distinction

EIT has gathered a group of high-level faculty team: 100% of the tenure-track scholars hold a PhD degree, over 40% have high-level credentials, over 80% of the teaching and research assistant scholars hold at least a postgraduate degree.