• Foreign Affairs Office of Ningbo Municipal Government Visited EIAS to Promote Foreign Affairs Service

    Latest News | 2022-10-18

    On October 17, 2022, Ye Rongzhong (Party Secretary and Director of the Leading Party Group the Foreign Affairs Office of Ningbo Municipal Government) led a delegated team to visit Eastern Institute for Advanced Study (EIAS) to strengthen the coorperation with EIAS and promote the foreign affairs services. Professor Zheng Chunmiao from EIAS, and the principals of the Department of Foreign Cooperation, the Human Resources Department and other relevant departments attended the meeting. The meeting was also attended by the leaders of the Foreign Affairs Office of Ningbo Municipal Government, the Preparatory Office of EIAS, the Office of Zhenhai District Government (District Foreign Affairs Office), the Talent Work Office of Zhenhai District Party Committee, Science and Technology Bureau of Zhenhai District, Yongjiang Laboratory and Ningbo Intelligent Equipment Research Institute of Harbin Institute of Technology. 



    Professor Zheng Chunmiao, on behalf of EIAS, welcomed the leaders' visit, and introduced the current status of EIAS and talent employment progress of EIAS at the meeting. The heads of relevant departments of EIAS request for foreign visits, invitations of foreign experts, going abroad on business, visas for international students, declaration of international conferences, etc.


    Mr. Ye Rongzhong gave a positive reply to the demands proposed by EIAS, and explained the foreign affairs policies of Ningbo. Both parties discussed the above items together.Mr. Ye Rongzhong, as the director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Ningbo Municipal Government, suggest that they would establish a long-term working mechanism with EIAS, devoting itself to enhancing Ningbo's internationalization, promoting high-end international scientific research implementations, and compromise serving EIAS's foreign affairs.


    Hu Bihua, as Deputy Head of Zhenhai District, said that the construction of EIAS was the key to publicizing the cities of Ningbo and Hangzhou well and overcoming the shortcomings of education in Ningbo. Zhenhai District will adhere to the strategy of making the district strong through science and technology development, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industrial science and technology, and provide the district lever services for the establishment of EIAS.