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    Latest News | 2021-11-04

    About Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT)

    Established under the background of China’s higher education reform and development, Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) is sponsored by the education foundation set up by the famous Ningbo-born entrepreneur Mr. Yu Renrong. With strong supports from Zhejiang Provincial and Ningbo municipal government, it is targeted to be a new style research university. 

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    Vision and Mission

    EIT’s mission is cultivating innovative talents with international vision. EIT advocates an equal, open-mind and free academic atmosphere to lead the transnational academic research.


    Based on the global scientific frontier, EIT sticks to the important demand from the nation and strives to build up a future oriented ecosystem of scientific and technological innovation, aiming to provide supports to tackle the bottle-neck technical problems and develop high-tech industry.


    EIT focuses on building four major faculties, which are science, engineering, information technology and business, emphasizing the importance of both basic research and applied research, highlighting the cross-integration of cutting-edge technology and striving to foster an international environment for teaching and research in a short time, build up a pluralistic academic network, and improve its international influence and competitiveness.


    The university will locate in Zhenhai District.


    Future Plan

    The Ningbo Municipal Government has invested 16 billion yuan on the construction project. The university will cover an area of 2,300 Mu (which is around 1533333 square meters) has been selected to build the future campus. It will include high quality public technology platform, library, museum, and other facilities to meet the high-quality teaching standard.


    On the basis of the fund provided by the Yu Renrong foundation, a fund raising system has been initiated to manage the multiple incomes from the government support, research fund, school running fund, social donation, research achievement transformation.,etc.


    It is planned that the number of the enrolled students will be 10,000 in ten years’ time and the ratio of undergraduate, mater and PhD students will be 4:3:3.



    Faculty Positions

    EIT implements the tenure track system which is commonly applied by the other international academic institutions. It recruits assistant professor, associate professor, and chair professor from all over the world.


    The faculty positions cover four major faculties, which are science, engineering, information technology and business, including but not limited to: science theory and applied mathematics, statistics and statistical science, physic chemistry, life science, engineering mechanics, aerospace, robots, intelligent manufacturing, materials, energy, biomedical engineering, civil engineering, environment, marine information electronics, microelectronics, integrated circuits, computers, artificial intelligence, software engineering, automatic control, information engineering, communications engineering, financial engineering, financial technology, intelligent finance, enterprise management, applied economics.



    Compensation and Benefit

    Compensation & Compensation
    EIT provides internationally competitive compensation and benefits package for the talents. For those applicants who have been teaching faculty of the top universities in the world, EIT will provide equivalent or better benefits.


    Talent Scheme
    The talent policies of Zhejiang Province and Ningbo City had released attractive policies to attracts talents. Zhejiang Province has launched the “KP Project”, which is targeted to attract leading talents with global influence. Ningbo has established corresponding policies to attract the best talents




    Application Procedures

    Applicants are required to obtain a PhD degree in relevant disciplines. Applicants are required to publish high quality academic papers on top journals in their respective areas of expertise. Applicants are required to have good communication skills in English.


    Please email your application materials electronically to faculty-hire@eias.ac.cn
    Contact: Mrs Tang
    Tel:86-0574-8655780 or 86-13777124135


    Applicants who have pass the initial screening will be invited to EIT for interview (online interview under some special circumstance)
    1. Personal CV(including the list of academic papers)
    2. Research interest statement
    3. Teaching Plan statement
    4. Full text of five recent representative papers
    5. Name and contact information of 5 referrers