Message from the President

We are living in a remarkable time, facing unprecedented changes and challenges like never before. Nations, cities, universities, and individuals are all envisioning a path forward in the midst of these changes. As the world is seeking new opportunities against the havoc, the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) was born, aspiring to become a world-class university with emphasis on innovative, cutting-edge and impactful research and teaching in science, engineering, information technology and business management.

The importance of the beautiful port city Ningbo, an eastern coastal city that forms a strategic triangle with Shanghai and Hangzhou, does not only show in China’ s economic marketplace but also in its rich cultural tradition. It is the birthplace of many well-known Chinese philosophers and scientists. Today’s EIT is a continuation of private philanthropy for education that has been a distinct Ningbo heritage As one of the new high-level, research universities in China, we also enjoy strong public support.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be the founding president of EIT.

Amid uniquely challenging times, we will always maintain an open mind and remain steadfast in our values and beliefs that we will build on the existing achievements of all humanity to create new knowledge and innovations and enhance the well-being of the people of all nations.

For this reason, I would like to personally invite you to come to Ningbo to join me on an exciting, stimulating and pioneering endeavor to build a world-class research and education entity, and to witness the rise of a leading international university at the heart of one of the oldest and most culturally rich cities in China. Time is good, place is nice, and our endeavor is going to succeed. Let us start on this extraordinary journey now and together.

Shiyi Chen 


Chair Professor

Member, Chinese Academy of Sciences